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How I work

My years of practicing have taught me that everyone experiences times of feeling frustrated and stuck.

While some of these experiences may be merely annoying, others may be repetitive, severely limiting our flexibility and ability to be who we want to be in the world.  It can often be useful to have professional help to learn how to work with and move beyond the depression, anxiety and self doubt of the stuck times which stifle not only our ability, but sometimes even our desire, to change. That is what therapy is about - changing the beliefs and behaviors that keep us in familiar, stuck places.

I see the process of therapy as a joint endeavor between myself and the client, in which we identify where the stuck places are, and how best to use the resources we have to make desired changes.  I believe it is the therapist's job to be as flexible as possible, and to bring a variety of resources to the session, including a variety of therapeutic approaches.

While change is a life long process, a therapy process may be short or long, relative to what is wanted and to the resources the client brings.  What happens in therapy is part of our exploration together and is always open to discussion.

My particular specialty is working with clients to move beyond the limits of both recent and past trauma. I also provide supervision, consultation and training for professionals wanting to become more skillful in working with trauma.

While I work in my own practice, I maintain close connections with professional peers with whom I regularly consult and refer.  (See the "links" button for websites of peers who I find to be particularly helpful resources.) 

What is most important to me is that each client get the help that is needed, and I do my best to support that happening.  that is needed, and I do my best to support that happening.


Contact me at mailto:kathrynPH@aol.com

Lewes Office: 302-644-9474 (phone and fax)

Newark Office: 302-731-8662 (phone and fax)