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Articles by Kathryn Harris

from the On Your Mind columns

published in the Wilmington News Journal,

by Date and Title.


Please click on the Title to go to that article. Click "back" on your browser to return to this list. (Articles marked with the asterisk (*) are now on-line.)

12/25/95        No family is perfect

4/8/96            Anxiety Disorders take several forms*

10/14/96        Clear therapy relationship can build trust

10/28/96        Panic attacks can stem from past trauma

12/23/96        You can’t please everyone

1/6/97            Be realistic in new relationship

1/20/97          Listening to problems can be draining

2/4/97            Listening to others is a valuable skill

3/4/97            Suicidal thoughts a wake-up call

3/17/97          Pets do help people connect with life

3/31/97          Defuse stress by taking control

5/12/97           Being Late *

6/9/97             Mental health benefits need safeguard

6/23/97          Procrastinator first needs to change ‘name’

7/7/97            Friend may need more than you can give

7/21/97          Confidence needed to stop feeling selfish

8/4/97            Choosing a psychotherapist

8/18/97          Sunlight can chase away seasonal depression

9/1/97            Wading through a sea of self help books

9/28/97          Aging doesn’t have to lead to depression

11/10/97        Learning to relax can help ease adverse effects of stress

11/24/97        A well told story is a door to another world

12/22/97        The right mindset can help beat gift-giving stress

1/5/98             Mastering the fine art of making friends

1/19/98           Kids can learn to deal with adversity

2/2/98             Finding meaning in life can return hope

2/16/98          Dealing with change, but how? Coping skills can focus on circumstances and how we react.

3/2/98            Children can learn from new neighbor

3/16/98          Ways to deal with how those ‘down days’

3/30/98          Art Imitates obsessive side of life

4/12/98          Obsessions can strike at any age

4/26/98          Recalling old traumas can lead to healing

5/11/98          Acknowledgeable grief over loss of a pet

5/25/98          Sorting out health coverage (managed care)

6/8/98            Proceed with care in net relationships

6/22/98         Journal puts you in closer touch with self

7/6/98           Don’t just accept depression (role of medication)

7/20/98        Coping skills help us over life’s hurdles

8/17/98        Finding Resources to Cope with Mental Illness

8/31/98        Set boundaries with self-centered neighbor

9/14/98        Relative is off her medicine yet again

9/28/98        Mental illness is often misunderstood

10/26/98      Anchor yourself in the moment:  Meditate

11/9/98        Therapy is private, with exceptions

1/18/99        Taking stock of a hohum life can be risky

2/2/99          Your physical, mental, and spiritual check list

3/1/99          Change is stressful, but there’s comfort in it, too

4/12/99        Happiness must flow from within

5/10/99        Limits needed on handouts to grown son

5/24/99        ‘Toxic worry’ can be controlled

6/7/99           Support system is like a safety net

6/21/99         Sometimes you have to move on . . .

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